Warm coffee or a cosy bed… What makes you feel positive these days?

The proverbial silver lining isn’t always so easy to find.

Especially when it is clouded by a pandemic, lockdowns, or even grief.

Missing loved ones and getting through lockdown is hard – and it’s even harder to stay positive as we inch our way through a third lockdown.

But learning to appreciate the little things in life - like a hot, steaming cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning - can bring some sunshine into our day to day and help us to stay positive as we look forward to the end of lockdown!

How to start appreciating the simple things in life

Start by looking around you. What are you thankful for? What makes you feel happy? Are you looking at things from the right perspective? Is it time to shift your focus from the problem to problem-solving?

Staying positive often requires a choice. Rather than seeing a messy house with heaping piles of laundry and errand toys in need of a cupboard, see the life that has created the mess – family time and precious memories (of unending den building) are invaluable!

Eight simple things to help you stay positive during lockdown

1. A hot bath or a long shower. Whether it’s a hot soak with a glass of wine or you belting a chart-topper in the shower, let the feeling carry you through the day. 

2. Breakfast in bed. Treat your spouse with a full English or take your breakfast into bed yourself. Working from home has its perks – and no rush hour traffic!

3. Fresh, crisp air. Fall in love with a lunchtime walk or let the spring in by opening a window if you can’t make it outdoors. Fresh air and a bit of sunlight are an instant pick me up.

 4. Family time. For families learning and working from home, there may have already been more family time than you bargained for! But take a moment to appreciate both your family and the invaluable time you’ve been given together.

Appreciation at home

5. A comfy bed. Our personal favourite…! Be it lie-ins or early nights - nothing beats clean sheets and a comfortable mattress. Feeling underwhelmed by your mattress? Our Lea Mattresses can give you a great night’s sleep! 

6. Freshly baked goods. It may be the third cake this week, but the smell of baked goods is a feel-good feeling like few others. Have you tried making fresh bread? 

7. Paying a compliment. It was World Compliment Day on the 1st of March and while its creators hope to make it the Most Positive Day of the Year, there is no reason why not make every day the Most Positive Day. Whether you pay a compliment to someone you live with or give someone a phone call, it is the emotional win that matters. Positivity spreads joy to you and others.

 8. Music. Perfect time to dance like no one is watching…! Or rope in the family for a boogie. Music soothes and uplifts our moods.

We’re handing it over to you – what helps you stay positive during lockdown? Spread good vibes and tell us on our Facebook page what has kept you positive at home during lockdown!