Get the best mattress support for you

Nothing quite saps the ‘good’ out of a good night’s sleep than back pain.

If you are waking up groggy with that dreaded aching feeling on your back it may be time to ditch the old mattress.

Is there a link between back pain and your mattress?

Sleeping on an old mattress or one that is wrong for your needs, can cause or worsen back pain, particularly lower back pain. This is because inadequate mattress support reinforces poor sleeping posture, doesn’t promote spinal alignment, and puts a strain on your muscles.

When your muscles aren’t able to relax or the discs in your spine haven’t been able to rehydrate in the night due to lack of support, you are likely to wake up with lower back pain.

Is your mattress to blame for your back pain?

The first thing to consider is when the pain occurs. If your back aches as you wake up, but then soon disappears with some light stretching, the culprit to your back pain is most likely your mattress. Furthermore, if you find yourself frequently tossing and turning in the night, it may be time to invest in a new mattress.

How to relieve back pain - Choosing the right mattress for you

Lea Mattress can help you find the right mattress type for you.

The key things to consider are the amount of support your body type and sleeping style require, and how comfortable overall you find the mattress. It is important to understand, your preference is essential to sleep quality.

This is the most popular type of mattress. Pocket spring mattresses are consistently firm across the entire sleeping surface. Each spring reacts independently and contributes to supporting spinal alignment and relieving pressure points, hence making it a popular choice with people suffering from back pain.

Pocket sprung mattresses are often sturdier with a firmer feel.

Memory foam moulds into your body, also making it a popular choice for people suffering from back pain. A memory foam mattress relieves pressure points and aids in maintaining your spine’s natural alignment by providing support where support is needed.

Memory foam mattresses often have a softer feel to sprung mattresses.

For the best memory foam mattress, see our Ergonomic Plus Mattress – a full foam mattress, with a memory foam upper layer that adapts to your body. The Ergonomic Plus Mattress promises a unique combination of support whatever your sleeping position, as well as an exceptional, healthier sleeping experience. Thanks to its hypoallergenic surface and dust mite busting foam structure, it is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The best back support

Hybrid mattresses are what the name suggests – they are multi-layered mattresses combining foam with innerspring. They are perfect for people who want a sturdier feel while appreciating the benefits of memory foam.

Lea Mattress’ Premium Mattress brings together the best of foam and pocket spring. Its foam encapsulation design and supportive foam borders make it our sturdiest and most supportive mattress. It is an ideal solution for relieving back pain and giving your spine and muscles the support they need. All the while, Superflex foam and memory foam bring you the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep.

Mattress support - which firmness is best for back pain?

A mattress that is too hard places unwanted pressure on areas like your lower back, causing discomfort, whereas mattresses that are too soft do not provide enough support and hence cause unhealthy sleeping positions.

Generally, a mattress that is leaning towards medium-firm is preferred by people with lower back pain as it supports the spine while still allowing the hips and shoulders to sink in a little.

Your body type and sleeping position play a part too. Stomach and back sleepers may be better with a firmer mattress to stop their back from arching, while side sleepers often prefer a slightly softer mattress that allows more comfort for their pressure points. Also, as a general rule, lighter people need softer mattresses while heavier people benefit from firmer mattresses.

A new mattress, a healthier you

Research studies have shown that switching to a new mattress improves sleep quality and reduces back pain.

Don’t let poor sleep ruin your day. Our Premium Mattress and Ergonomic Plus Mattress are a way to a better night’s sleep – sans back pain!